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Private Labeling – Logo Only


We’ll Add Your Brand to Training Videos

Do you want to customize your employee training videos, but you don’t need a full custom video production or you’re on a tight budget? Good news— we can easily modify any of our generic courses to include your organization’s logo!


Custom Content Meets Affordability

When you add your organization’s name to the beginning and ending of a training video, your video will appear professional and custom-made, elevating your brand in the eyes of everyone who sees it. Great for small businesses and for larger organizations with the need to supply training videos to various branch offices.


Price & Delivery

We charge a one-time fee of $150.00/video with a minimum order of five (5) titles. Once the private labeling is complete, you receive a discount of 50% on all copies or future videos using that logo. Expect 1-2 weeks for delivery.


What Our Logo-Only Private Labeling Services Include

  • Custom 3D Logo Animation

Introduce and conclude your video with a detailed, full-color custom 3D animation of your company’s logo.

  • Private Labeling

We’ll add your brand to the training video of your choice or inside of our training manuals, DVD jackets, and DVD covers.


Note: You will be required to sign and copyright a nondisclosure agreement with American Training Videos that you will not try to sell our videos in competition with us. You agree that any copies you purchase from American Training Videos are for internal use only.



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