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Our history goes back to March of 1977.” Although our resources were limited, we had confidence in our ability to produce educational programs that trained and motivated custodians to perform more efficiently on the job. We started by producing four filmstrips with sound: “Basic Office Cleaning,” “Basic Rest Room Cleaning,” “Daily Floor Maintenance,” and “Basic Supervision.” These filmstrips with sound provided the initial sales and revenue to produce other subjects.

Our background stems from Duane Machtig’s fifteen years experience as the Training Director of the Bank of California, a national bank that was listed in “Fortune 500 Magazine”. He left the bank by accepting the Executive Vice Presidency of a janitorial cleaning company. He was a key figure of management that built gross sales to over fourteen million dollars a year. With the success of training over 1,200 janitorial employees, he started producing videos for the entire cleaning industry.

Duane consulted for many of the larger contracting firms in America and abroad, on their training and management activities. From that time to the present, American Training Videos has sold millions of dollars of its training products and materials to a wide range of customers. In addition to stock sales we have many contracts to private-label our videos and manuals for other organizations. We have also produced many “custom videos” for the industry. Today we have a library of videos second to none in this industry, as you will find listed in this website. Most of them come in English and Spanish. You can be assured of the high quality of each production by the number of organizations that have previewed our videos before purchasing them. Over 4,000 hospitals, 1,500 healthcare facilities, 2,000 contract cleaning companies, and hundreds of other organizations have purchased our products. We maintain an inventory of 3,500 videos to serve our customers in the most efficient way. We offer a preview policy, which is unique in the industry. You can judge our quality before you make a purchase. Call us-toll free … we are always willing to listen and act on your suggestions! We have a staff of fully trained and dedicated people to serve your every need.

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