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You’ve made the RIGHT CHOICE with American Training Videos!

American Training Videos is the original creators of high quality hospitality and janitorial educational videos. Our training programs help you take your training to a higher level with our comprehensive training programs. 

Whether you want an employee to understand an important cleaning task or if you have several new employees who need to familiarize themselves with your corporate objectives, training videos are a great way to go about it.

The Benefits of Using Training Videos

The only way to keep employees updated and up-to-speed on the latest developments in the field is through hands-on educational training. 

Here are several benefits from using our videos for learning and training in the workplace:

§ Effective and Engaging

The value behind training videos is that they deliver information more efficiently than most other training manuals. After all, scrolling through PDF files or slides isn’t exactly interactive way to learn. The more a student interacts with the content, the easier it becomes for them to understand. It is far more effective for staff to learn through a visual method that demonstrates working examples, as opposed to reading a textbook alone at home.

Training videos show full-motion action on how to accomplish various tasks required by the subject matter. When trainees are instructed by voice instructions only, they retain only about 12% of what they learn. With full-motion digital DVD’s, retention is increased to 85%.

§ Consistent Training & Learning

Training videos will show employees the proper procedures and techniques on a step-by-step structure. Each person you train gets the same information in the same way with the opportunity to re-watch anything they may have missed. The consistency in training improves your overall workforce performance.

§ Training Time Reduction

Training videos can be easily uploaded to a company’s learning management system, which allows staff to access the training wherever they are at a time that suits them.

§ Increased Productivity

Employees perform better when they think management is interested in their welfare. The best way to accomplish this than by showing them training videos that will prepare them to do their job assignments and also by recognizing newly trained staff with a certificate? 

§ Training Cost Reduction

This can greatly reduce travel costs associated with face-to-face training, particularly if employees are located around the world.

Training videos are not only useful in educating new employees, but are also valuable tools to demonstrate to new hires what will be expected of them on the job. After viewing the training videos, applicants are asked if they can perform up to the video job standards. Any organization that can avoid hiring a person who will quit once they start their new job will find significant savings in money and time.

 § Program Availability Today!

 It’s time to implement training videos into your strategy to get the most out of your training investment.

American Training Videos regularly updates the subject matter in its training videos and training manuals to stay current. We also appreciate suggestions from our customers to improve quality. Consider an interactive component to your training process today.



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