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3034-Back Care And Safety

This video shows workers how to protect their backs from injury.

In this video, “Back Care & Safety,” you’ll learn all about:

  • the causes of back pain,
  • tips for preventing pain and injuries before they occur,
  • stretches and activities to prevent injury and relieve back pain,
  • and how to handle and lift materials safely.

Attention: This video should not replace your doctor’s recommendations.





Despite back injuries being common in the workplace, they can be avoided through care and safety procedures. This study elaborates structure of the human back, causes and preventive measures of back pain, and safe ways of handling and lifting materials. The back is made up the spine, spinal cord, spinal nerves, supporting muscles, and discs. The spine is, in turn, made up of the cervical curve, the thoracic curve, and the lumbar curve which are all maintained by the back muscles. A healthy back has s-shaped aligned curves. The vertebrae help in bending of the back whereas the discs cushions shock while bending, standing or lifting materials.

Tellingly, back pain is mainly caused by falling, lifting items incorrectly, and incorrect posture of standing or sitting, stress, poor physical condition, aging, and health conditions. Healthy posture while sitting, standing, or sleeping prevent back pain. This can be achieved through stretching, aligning the head forward, keeping the feet flat, wearing comfortable shoes, having a comfortable pillow and affirm mattress. Additionally, ways to maintain a healthy back include keeping a healthy body, warming up the body, stretching the muscles, lifting items properly, and reporting back pain in time. To begin with, a person can, maintain a healthy body through effective nutrition and good eating habits, maintain a healthy weight, and exercising regularly. Moreover, warming up the body before engaging in a physical activity helps in increasing blood flow besides loosening the muscles.

Additionally, stretching helps in keeping the body flexible, reduce stress, increase efficiency, and boost metabolic processes. However, careful stretching should be observed. Effective stretching includes lower back stretch, half sit-ups, partial squat, ankle rotations, leg raises, side and heap stretch, inner thigh stretch, and lower back stretch. Moreover, lifting materials properly are part of maintaining a healthy back and preventing potential back pain.


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