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1404 Cleaning Mixers, Dishwashers, Coolers
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CLEANING MIXERS, DISHWASHERS, COFFEE MAKERS, ICE MAKERS &COOLERS This video covers professional techniques to clean and maintain Mixers, Dishwashers, Coffee Makers, Ice Makers and Coolers. The video shows safety aspects of cleaning by showing extra precautions that need to be addressed such as: Avoiding injury by storing the Mixer knife plates in separate plastic bags. Video also covers maintenance such as paying attention to the Mixer oil gauge and maintenance tips. It covers the three types of dishwashers commonly used in food service: single or multiple tanks, semi or fully automatic, and conveyer-continuous rack or flight-type. Video shows how to clean dishwashing equipment at the end of each washing period. Special attention is also paid to the care and cleaning of Coffee makers and coolers. This is a "must see" video for all kitchen help. The on-camera host takes you through each step of the training process and creates a friendly, instructive atmosphere.

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